Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blossom wins.

Yesterday morning when I got up to feed Blossom I found that the babies were no longer in the bathroom, as I had left them the night before. "Where are they Blossom?" I tried asking. She was coy and pretended not to know. I glanced at the front hall closet and noticed the sliding door was accidentally left open a bit. Upon opening the door I saw a pile of sleeping kittens underneath a bunch of junk. *sigh*

I grabbed two in each hand and put them back on the blanket in the bathroom and had one of my talks with Blossom about keeping them in the bathroom. This talk seemed familiar. I went into my living room and sat down at my computer. 2 mins later I hear the mewing of a rather upset kitten; I walked out to the front hall to see a baby on the tile floor in front of the closet and mama Blossom perplexed that the closet door was shut. "No Blossom!". I picked the baby back up and put it in the bathroom and headed back to my computer. 2 mins later Blossom walked into the living room with a kitten in her mouth and dropped it at my feet. "Are you kidding me, Blossom? You can't be leaving babies in the living room". I picked it up and put back in the bathroom. 5 mins later she brought another one into the living room.

I gave in. What could I do?? I cleared out the closet, put the damn blanket in and piled the babies on top; now Blossom is a happy clam, and really..... isn't that what it's all about?

I'd like to give a quick shout out to Yvonne at the Depot for donating some canned food to Blossom; seems her highness is not as fond of dry food right now and is strongly preferring canned (which is more expensive). Yvonne was kind enough to help me out by supplying some food, and it is much appreciated. Thank you! Blossom loves it!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

here a baby, there a baby, everywhere a baby!

Today Blossom and I had a slight disagreement.

I was speaking on the phone with a co-worker this morning when I suddenly heard the mew of a scared kitten coming from what seemed to be my bedroom. Blossom was standing in front of me looking around, acting surprised, as if she had no idea where that sound was coming from. I told my co-worker that I had to go because I could hear a kitten crying in my bedroom, but I couldn't tell where from. Blossom looked with me, as if she didn't know where the baby was, even though it had been her who had moved it into my bedroom. I finally narrowed down the sound and moved a pillow that was on the floor only to find a crying baby under my bedside table. "No, Blossom! This is MY room! No babies are allowed!". I picked up the baby and marched back to the bathroom where the babies are set up; this area allows Blossom to have her food & water dishes nearby, as well as the litter. And it gives her a room to herself, as the washroom is quite big (it's built to be wheelchair accessible.

Blossom tried two more times to carry babies out of the bathroom and to my bedroom, only to now find the door shut. The second time I carried the baby back to the bathroom again and the third time she carried it back herself (see picture below). Finally she gave in and just kept them in the bathroom (though I offered that we could put them in my den! But nooooo... she's a picky girl, this one!)

Anyway, it looks a whole lot like all the kittens are boys, but I want to give it another week or two just to be sure. They are *very* feisty and scrap a lot over who gets which nipple. They are a fierce bunch.

Below are some pics for you to enjoy.... once again, click on the picture for larger versions. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The babies are here!!!

After sleeping snuggled up to me last night I noticed that Blossom was restless this morning. She was walking all over my condo and looking for a place to "nest". She cuddled with me a bit on the couch for the morning news, but kept getting up and moving around. And she meowed! this cat never meows! I knew we were getting close...

So I got down on the floor with her and started rubbing her belly and giving her a massage, just as I have been for the last week. This time she rolled right over onto her back and gave me her full belly to rub. I gave it a vigorous rub and then noticed... the contractions were starting.

And so began the negotiations! Blossom wanted to have the babies in my bedroom; I said no. She wanted to have them in the front hall closet; I said no again, and suggested the lovely box I had created for her. She said no. Meanwhile, her water had broken and she was starting to make a mess. Finally I took her into the bathroom and closed the door. I sat on the floor with her and began rubbing her belly again. The contractions got stronger and longer.... she braced hard against my leg and arm and then purring stopped. There was a long pause... she stood up suddenly and HOWLED. Poor thing let out a terrible scream that no doubt my whole building heard, and before I knew it, there was a baby on the floor in front of me.

Eventually I picked up the baby and put it on a blanket to keep warm and she settled in to lick it and clean it up. Baby number 2 came 10 minutes later with much less fanfare. An hour later I went in to check on her and begin rubbing her belly again to help her along.... and she promptly had baby number 3. An hour after that, same thing.... I massaged her aching belly and the contractions came swiftly...and poof! Baby number four. She and I had a pretty good system worked out.

So that seems to be the final count. 4 babies.... two grey/black tabbies and two orange tabbies. I will give it a few days before I sort out the genders, and will let you all know then. They were born alternately.... grey tabby... then orange... then grey.. then orange.

Mom and babies are doing very well and will all be ready for new homes Jan 25th.

Here are the first pics I have..... feel free, as always, to click on them for larger versions!

they're coming!!!!

Blossom is in labour! Stay tuned and I will post some pics as soon as I can..... ;-)

UPDATE: we have three babies so far! I think there are at least two more coming.. stay tuned!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

eagerly awaiting babies!

First of all, I'd like to give a warm welcome to the StumbleUpon users who have found their way here. I would kindly ask that you pass this blog along to anyone you know that might live in the Toronto area so that we may increase the chances of finding Blossom a home after she has her babies. Depending on when she finally gets around to having them, I'm forecasting she and the babies will be ready to go around mid-late January. There have been over THREE THOUSAND visitors today alone.... surely some of you know someone in the Toronto area!!

That being said, she has still not had her babies! Come on, Blossom! Let's see those beautiful kittens of yours! :-) As soon as she has her babies I will let you all know and post pictures!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

still no babies!

Poor Blossom looks like she's going to pop any minute now. She looks very uncomfortable so I rub her belly and give her massages. I have asked her repeatedly just when she plans on having these babies, but she's keeping "mum". ;-) As soon as there are babies I will post some pics! In the meantime... enjoy some more Blossom pics.

She always has water on her chin after taking a drink!

Oh hello! ha ha ha... must you get so close to the camera??

She had her claws dug right into my leg in case I was thinking of going somewhere. ha ha ha

Look at that big belly!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blossom gets a foster home!

It all started with a simple store visit last week......
I am a sales rep and I visit this particular Home Depot about every other week or so. But last week while talking to Nikita in the decor department, she mentioned that there was a cat living in the store. And apparently this cat had been the subject of great debate, as she was pregnant with her second litter in the last few months, and people were beginning to object to her living on the premises. Nikita and the store staff wanted to keep Blossom... she was their Depot Cat! I asked to see this poor cat that had been abandoned outside the store months earlier, as I am a cat person with a big heart for hardluck kitty stories.

And there she was, sleeping on top of some boxes, hugely pregnant and not terribly concerned by my presence. Seems she is quite friendly with the staff and customers, walking all over the store, and making friends as she goes. Many of the staff had taken wonderful care of her and given her the name of Blossom. I told Nikita that while I had no doubt in my mind that she was loved and looked after in the store, I also worried for her safety, and the safety of the babies. A warehouse can be a treacherous place for kittens (and I know this from unfortunate experience). I offered that if she needed a home I would certainly offer up my services in helping her find one. Last year my family and I hand raised 9 kittens who had no moms (and yes, 4 of those were warehouse kittens who lost their mom) and that would be a walk in the park comparatively, as these babies come with a mom! No bottle feeding!

Long story short, I came back to the Home Depot a few days later with a cat carrier to bring her home. The staff at the store was understandably worried about her future and whether or not I was fit to take care of her, and so this blog is for you. You have done a great job of looking out for Blossom..... I'm just here to carry that on. I want everyone from the store to be able to come on here and check in to see how she's doing. I will put pictures up as often as I can and let you know when the babies are born. And just so you know, she didn't cry once in the car on the way home and when I opened the carrier door to let her out into her strange new home.... she came out purring. She is an *amazing* cat.

I'd also like to send a shout out to a few people at the Depot...
Julia, you were very sweet to allow the cat to come home with me. I know you took a lot of heat for the decision, but I promise to take good care of her. Yvonne, you were awesome for helping get Blossom ready to come home... packing up her belongings and helping me to the car with her. Nelida, you made sure Blossom had a proper food and water bowl... you'll see them in the pics! To the Seasonal staff... you did an absolutely amazing job of looking out for her and making sure she was safe. And to the entire store, this blog is for you, her Depot family. She couldn't have made it without you!

Here are some pictures from the first couple of days in her new foster home... (click on them to see larger versions, if you like).

Why aren't you petting me??

That's better.....a little more at the back...

Nice... now a little more on top....

That's the spot. :-)

Look at that belly!!! Poor mama!

I love the red tipped tail!!

Dragging her big belly up to the bar for food and drink.

What are YOU lookin' at??

Alright! Enough pictures already!