Friday, January 8, 2010


First and foremost, I would like to thank all those who have shown me support. I have been pleasantly surprised by the surge and outpouring of support. Nelida, Lynda, Laureen and Mrs. Wren.... thank you very very much for your food donations, it has helped tremendously. Nelida, I especially appreciate all the footwork and research you have done to look into what it will cost to get Blossom her shots and to be spayed. Your support has been fantastic.

I would also like to send a shout out to those kind souls who have been kind enough to click on the donation button in the last post to help out with the cost of keeping the babies (I've gone through at least 30 lbs of litter alone!) and with the cost of taking Blossom to the vet when this is all done. Melissa C and Mary P, your donations were extremely generous and are greatly appreciated. It's good souls like you, and those who have donated the food, that make all this possible. I am grateful.

As for the babies... they continue to grow like weeds and cause havoc in my home. Constantly under my feet, it now becomes a perilous dance to get through my home without tripping on the babies. There have been a few incidents in which a kitten has found himself squashed by a door or launched through the air by a foot. Ha ha ha... babies everywhere!!!

I am working very hard to help Blossom wean the babies so that they will be ready for their homes; canned food is offered about 4 times a day, as well as some milk formula to supplement. A couple of the kittens have even taken to eating some of the dry food though it is hard to watch these poor little things try and chew hard crunchy food with their baby teeth. Stubborn kittens keep at it til they get it though!

Anyway, here are some pictures.... that's what you all come for, isn't it? *wink* Click on the pic for a larger version. There will be a video in the next post... it's uploading right now.

Thank you again for your donations and if anyone else would like to give, click the button below. Even the smallest of donations are appreciated. A thousand thank yous, I am humbled by your generosity, folks.....

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