Thursday, January 28, 2010

back to Blossom!

Ladies and Gentlemen....... the babies have left the nest! That's right.... "the Professor" left last Saturday..... Keyser and Lazlo left on Sunday..... and Joewii left today.

I am in the process of editing over 100 pictures that I uploaded from my camera and it's taking me quite a while, so in the meantime I'm going to post a video. Come back and check in the next day or two for the final pictures of the babies!

Before the video, I'd like to thank my Texas Mama, Elspeth, for her extremely kind donation. I'd also like to thank Linda for the kindness shown to me by her family when picking up "The Professor" and also Rick & Sue for their kind gift when they picked up Lazlo and Keyser. Naleda, you have also gone above and beyond for not just Joewii, but for Blossom. I appreciate that you didn't let her get lost in the shuffle. Truly, I thank everyone for their support, be it financial, emotional or otherwise...... like just showing up to read this blog!

Anyway, here is the video..... more pictures and stories in the next post.

P.S. if you like Blossom's story maybe you'll find this story interesting.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

in the home stretch!

I have to tell you.... the landscape is changing every week in my home as these kittens get bigger, stronger, braver and more curious about the world around them. Places where I previously enjoyed time alone (read: the bathroom) are now taken over by roaming kittens, and I rarely have a moment to myself anymore. Having a bath at night now means I am playing with Keyser or Joewii on the floor beside the tub (that's Joewii with his tongue stuck out in the above pic!); they are not yet big enough to jump up on the edge of the tub and I'm not exactly encouraging them.... ever have a cat land in a tub with you? I have, and trust me, it's not pleasant.

As I figured would eventually happen, the boys have finally discovered the joy of the 6 foot tall kitty condo I have in the corner of my home, by the window. This is good for all of us, as it gives them someplace else to scratch OTHER than my couch and keeps them very busy. However, mama Blossom finds it a bit unnerving that her babies are up so high, and when they get wrestling it makes her nervous. She watches carefully and when she gets too stressed out for their safety she calls them down. It's very sweet to watch her keeping an eye on them.

Before we head into the videos and pics for this post I need to send a shout out to my fabulous friend in Texas, Kelli, for her amazing donation towards the kittens and Blossom; I have put this money towards everything from food, eye drops and litter to funds towards getting Blossom fixed so she can move on to her next home with Lynda. I'd also like to thank Laureen and Mrs. Wren who are constantly donating food and toys, your thoughtfulness doesn't go unnoticed! Anyone else who wishes to give a donation may click the button below.... even the smallest of donations are appreciated.

Alright, on to the pictures and videos! Remember to click on the pictures to see larger, more detailed versions..... enjoy!

Friday, January 8, 2010


First and foremost, I would like to thank all those who have shown me support. I have been pleasantly surprised by the surge and outpouring of support. Nelida, Lynda, Laureen and Mrs. Wren.... thank you very very much for your food donations, it has helped tremendously. Nelida, I especially appreciate all the footwork and research you have done to look into what it will cost to get Blossom her shots and to be spayed. Your support has been fantastic.

I would also like to send a shout out to those kind souls who have been kind enough to click on the donation button in the last post to help out with the cost of keeping the babies (I've gone through at least 30 lbs of litter alone!) and with the cost of taking Blossom to the vet when this is all done. Melissa C and Mary P, your donations were extremely generous and are greatly appreciated. It's good souls like you, and those who have donated the food, that make all this possible. I am grateful.

As for the babies... they continue to grow like weeds and cause havoc in my home. Constantly under my feet, it now becomes a perilous dance to get through my home without tripping on the babies. There have been a few incidents in which a kitten has found himself squashed by a door or launched through the air by a foot. Ha ha ha... babies everywhere!!!

I am working very hard to help Blossom wean the babies so that they will be ready for their homes; canned food is offered about 4 times a day, as well as some milk formula to supplement. A couple of the kittens have even taken to eating some of the dry food though it is hard to watch these poor little things try and chew hard crunchy food with their baby teeth. Stubborn kittens keep at it til they get it though!

Anyway, here are some pictures.... that's what you all come for, isn't it? *wink* Click on the pic for a larger version. There will be a video in the next post... it's uploading right now.

Thank you again for your donations and if anyone else would like to give, click the button below. Even the smallest of donations are appreciated. A thousand thank yous, I am humbled by your generosity, folks.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

no good deed goes unpunished...

I apologize in advance for this post, as it will not be the normally chipper and fun post that everyone has come to expect; it's actually time for a reality check, so I am going to explain what the last 5 weeks has been like for ME. Why? Well, I had a very hurtful interaction with someone today because of Blossom and her kittens and I'm pretty damn sure I didn't deserve it. I think people believe that this has been nothing but fun and goodtimes as I frolic with adorable little kittens and share fun stories. Let me dispel that for all of you, though if anyone has ever fostered a cat and kittens, you will understand.

First of all, do I need to talk about the cost? That's the most obvious point. I have been lucky to have some donations from the start, as the Depot store that Blossom came from gave blankets, bowls and some food. And a teacher named Laureen has been kind enough to donate some food, as has another sales rep that visits the Depot, and Yvonne at the Depot (as well as a very kind offer from a woman named Mary). But let me tell you, there has been the cost of dry food, canned food, kitty litter, deodorizer for the litter (so my home doesn't smell like a litter box), and cleaning supplies (as I am constantly cleaning messes, and going through spot remover and mopping supplies). And that's just for Blossom and her kittens! I have two cats of my own that normally live with me, but have been temporarily relocated to my parents home while I take care of Blossom (which, start to finish will be about 3 months). So I still have to feed my own cats as they stay at my parents, on top of the cost of taking care of 5 cats back at my place. I actually have a third cat I own that permanently lives with my parents, and as luck would have it, just before Christmas he got sick and I racked up a $500 vet bill trying to nurse him back to health. Are you feelin' me now, about the cost?

Alright, so let's describe a bit about what it's like to have a litter of kittens living in your house...
I just came home from work an hour ago and do you know what I did before I even had my shoes off? I fed all five cats some canned cat food, which distracts them and keeps them out of my way while I clean two full litter boxes and sweep up the trail of litter that is all over the place, because the kittens think the litterbox is more like a sandbox to play in. And then I get out the cat-friendly, all-purpose cleaner and spray the spot on the floor where they have missed the litter or otherwise just left 'a little something' behind; such is the fun in litter training babies. This takes me about 20 mins, depending on how messy it is. I sweep, scoop, sweep again and mop. As I walk through my house I see all the fun things they got into while I was at work. 5 bored cats meant the loaf of bread I had on the counter was dragged onto the floor, toys are everywhere, as is a piece of foil they somehow got their paws on and tore to pieces. The clothes that were hanging on my doorknob are pulled onto the floor, I would imagine as they attempted to claw and climb their way up. Clearly these were very busy kitties.

This morning, however, started off even better. I now sleep with my door closed, otherwise I have cats waking me up throughout the night..... so my morning begins with me opening my bedroom door and then tripping over kittens as I stumble my way to my kitchen half awake. But before I feed myself, I open a can of food and feed the cats. And then of course it's time to clean two litter boxes, sweep, and mop. I mop often 2-3 times a day, and do the litter at least that many times a day or else live with the smell of 5 cats using the same box. Nothing like starting your day off doing litter, let me tell ya! Makes breakfast seem less appealing.

So by the time I fed them, did some work emails on my computer, showered, dressed, made my lunch and put my boots on to head out the door.... there was another mess. Litter training is still a new concept to these babies and they don't always hit the mark.... so off goes the coat as I stop to clean up another mess... dig out the spray and mop.... etc etc.....

Yes, the babies are cute. Adorable, even, and that's what allows me to put up with them puking up milk on my rug. Keeps me from killin' 'em when they claw their way up the front of my couch and bed (and legs!! ow!). But make no mistake, they are a LOT of work.... and they will leave their mark on my house when they are gone (mostly on my couch with their claws). My furniture will not be the same, but neither will my heart. When I took Blossom and her babies in, I knew what I was getting into, but I knew that there was a cat here that needed someone to show her some compassion, so I opened my heart and home.

What upsets me is when people judge me or speak to me in a less than respectful way. This has been a HARD 5 weeks as I have turned my home into chaos for these cats. I have had to relocate my own cats for 3 months, and guess what? I miss them! I want MY babies back at some point too! In an effort to win the hearts of the Depot associates who looked at me with such suspicious hearts and minds, I created this blog. Do you have any idea how much time and effort it has taken to make and maintain this?? And during all this I was having problems with my heart, had to rush to the doctor and get an EKG and then had to have a holter monitor on for 2 weeks while taking care of these cats, taking care of my own sick cat (and going to the vet's, all sick with worry), juggling my job and the holidays! I didn't feel exceptionally well as I dealt with chest pains and a monitor glued to me around the clock for 2 weeks... but those kittens don't care if I have a heart monitor! They have needs that have to be met, regardless of how I feel. So I sucked it up and carried on.

Today there was a misunderstanding and miscommunication as to who had spoken for kittens and who hadn't. I got a call from a store associate who had assumed she was getting one of the kittens when I had already made arrangements for them all. This was the first I had heard *directly* from her, and I thought one had already been saved for her by another associate. She was understandably upset, as I am sure she had her heart set on it. I tried to explain that this was the first I had heard of her and FROM her, as she had not contacted me directly herself, either by phone, email or this blog. Others who had spoken to me for a kitten have made efforts to stay in touch with me, ask for pictures of the kittens, updates, videos, and have donated food to help me out.

The conversation turned tense as the associate was disappointed and upset, and I tried to apologize for the miscommunication, explaining that I truly hadn't known that she wanted a kitten and that if I had I would have saved one for her, no problem. But what upset me most was that this associate hung up on me while we were speaking on the phone, while I was mid-sentence and apologizing. Hung. Up.

Was there a miscommunication? Yes. Misunderstanding? Absolutely. I will even take some of the responsibility... I clearly didn't understand the single voicemail message I had heard several weeks ago, but I thought I HAD heard it correctly, so I acted accordingly. Am I the only one to blame? I don't think so.... why have I only been contacted now, weeks later? No comments on the blog? No direct contact? No email?

I am very sorry if you were disappointed, but I think hanging up on me was rude. And considering all I have done and will continue to do for another 4 weeks with the kittens and at least 8 for Blossom, I really don't think I deserved to be treated like that. There are plenty of other kittens that can be adopted from shelters... lots of other options.

And as a point, everyone was SO worried about Blossom when she was pregnant and living at the store.. but has anyone talked about adopting her? Has everybody forgotten about the poor girl who needed a home first? People are fighting over the kittens because they are tiny and cute... but what about Blossom? She seems to have been forgotten in all this mess, and she has the greatest need of all. People seem to have room in their homes for kittens but not a cat?

I have been trying to find a home for her too and may have someone interested. However, nobody really wants a cat who needs to be fixed, so I will be assuming the cost of getting her shots and having her spayed. That will up the chances of her finding a home, which is good for her and good for me. She needs a permanent home, and I need to bring my own kitties home too.

If you would like to make a donation towards the cost, it would be greatly appreciated. Click the button below.

I'm sorry for the rant, but I needed people to know just what it's like behind the adorable pictures and videos you have seen. I think it's all too easy to sit in judgment of someone when you don't really understand what's going on; I did my very best to please everyone, but obviously that's impossible. All I wanted to do was volunteer to take in a cat in need and to find homes for them all, without the need for anyone going to a shelter. I am doing what I can with what I have, but as the saying goes... no good deed goes unpunished.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

here a kitten! there a kitten! everywhere, a kitten!

Hello everyone! I apologize once again for the infrequent updates but between the holidays and my own health issues (I've had to wear a heart monitor for the last two weeks!) I have had my hands full. And what a developmental time for the babies! Here's what's been going on:

- at 3 weeks old I finally heard a kitten purr.... he was nursing when I overheard his content little motor running. At 4 weeks old I picked one of the kittens up and he purred for ME! It was wonderful.

- I decided at 3 weeks old, that since they were starting to get out of the safety of the closet more and more and exploring my home, it was time to introduce their own litterbox (a smaller version of mama's). Two of the babies took to it right away, the other two decided litter is good for eating. Not great, but hey, progress is often made in baby steps. I spent a week fishing bits of litter out of the mouths of babes with my pinky finger. One still insists on peeing at my front door, a mere 5 feet away from the litter, which tries my patience. Luckily he cries and screams just before he does it, which gives me time to get over there to either stop him or clean up quickly. What a brat! It might be a bit too early for him yet... the babies are only 4 weeks old after all!

- yesterday I introduced the babies to solid food (ie: canned kitten food) and it was hit and miss; one of the orange kittens (the one with short fur) is now known as "The Professor" because he blazes the trail in terms of development; he was the first to use the litter and the first to consistently eat canned food. This boy has it all figured out! (this is your baby, Mrs. Wren!) Don't even ask how it went with trying to introduce milk formula to the kittens..... let's just say it resulted in ALL of us getting milk on us! ha ha ha!! There will be pics in the next post.

- exploration of my home continues as the babies now move around fearlessly in my home and it often results in tripping on kittens who like to try and keep up as I walk around. I must be mindful where I step and remind visitors to do they same.

And that about does it!
Due to high demand I am posting two more videos of the kittens. I am pleased to say that all the babies now have homes.... Mrs. Wren is taking the short hair orange one ("The Professor"), Nelida at the Depot has spoken for one grey one (for yourself? a friend?), otherwise known as "Tiny" and my Aunt and Uncle are taking the other two (Lazlo and Keyser, or Kie for short). How lucky those boys get a home together!

In the videos below you will see the kittens hard at play in my kitchen and even see Blossom getting in on the action! In the second video is mama and the smallest of the boys (Nelida... this is for you/your friend!) having quality time together that will melt your heart; the patience of a mom can only be marvelled at as she tried to give Tiny a bath and he just wants to play!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

coming when called

Hello everyone! I apologize for my lack of recent posts.... I've been sidetracked by some health issues which took me out of the loop for a bit. Hopefully another *adorable* video will win you over...

The kittens have really come to recognize my voice; when I call to them (collectively known as "babies!!") they come running. In fact, when I played this video back on my computer and they heard my voice they came running to the computer! Very very cute.

They are also exploring farther and farther from the comfort of the front hall closet. Mama Blossom calls to them to get them to come out and encourages them to explore. Unfortunately last night I had to go find one who was lost and screaming to be found, but by the time I had gotten to him he had peed, he was so scared. Poor little thing. It's a big world!

Anyway, enjoy the video and I'll upload some more pictures soon.... thanks for your patience!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

first video of the babies!

Well, here you have it.... the babies working up the bravery needed to explore beyond the big pink blanket! It's a scary world beyond the front hall closet, ladies and gentlemen! And these babies seem sure the world ends where the blanket ends. ha ha ha!!