Sunday, December 20, 2009

coming when called

Hello everyone! I apologize for my lack of recent posts.... I've been sidetracked by some health issues which took me out of the loop for a bit. Hopefully another *adorable* video will win you over...

The kittens have really come to recognize my voice; when I call to them (collectively known as "babies!!") they come running. In fact, when I played this video back on my computer and they heard my voice they came running to the computer! Very very cute.

They are also exploring farther and farther from the comfort of the front hall closet. Mama Blossom calls to them to get them to come out and encourages them to explore. Unfortunately last night I had to go find one who was lost and screaming to be found, but by the time I had gotten to him he had peed, he was so scared. Poor little thing. It's a big world!

Anyway, enjoy the video and I'll upload some more pictures soon.... thanks for your patience!

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