Thursday, December 10, 2009

boys will be boys

First of all, let me send out a big thank you to Laureen for meeting up with me at the Home Depot to drop off some supplies for Blossom; your support is greatly appreciated and the food is always welcome. Blossom's appetite has become ravenous as she nurses 4 hungry babies. It was wonderful to finally meet and speak with you. And I'd also like to say thanks to all the staff and girls at the front service desk who have continued to show their support by helping co-ordinate food drops offs (I understand there is more waiting for me on my next visit) and who always ask how Blossom is doing.

So, how is Blossom doing? She is doing quite well indeed.... taking more time for herself, away from the babies. She comes to me in the morning and demands me to get out of bed to spend some time petting her and then feeding her (aka: "I don't want the dry food, I want the CANNED food!"). Blossom has even been playing a little bit with a toy mouse, which has been great to see.

As for the babies..... what characters!!! They have reached a wonderful age in which they are now starting to play and wrestle with each other... and me! When Blossom is off busy eating her canned food I crawl into the closet and call to the babies. "Babies! how are the babies??". They all wake up when they hear my voice, start mewing and then..... they make their way towards me! It melts my heart to see them on their wobbly little legs trying to make their way towards me for a petting. SO. CUTE. I took some pics to show you just how cute!

Didn't I promise you it was about the cutest thing you'll ever see? The wrestling is also pretty adorable to witness... here are some wrestling pics:

Ow!! watch the eyes!!

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