Tuesday, December 29, 2009

here a kitten! there a kitten! everywhere, a kitten!

Hello everyone! I apologize once again for the infrequent updates but between the holidays and my own health issues (I've had to wear a heart monitor for the last two weeks!) I have had my hands full. And what a developmental time for the babies! Here's what's been going on:

- at 3 weeks old I finally heard a kitten purr.... he was nursing when I overheard his content little motor running. At 4 weeks old I picked one of the kittens up and he purred for ME! It was wonderful.

- I decided at 3 weeks old, that since they were starting to get out of the safety of the closet more and more and exploring my home, it was time to introduce their own litterbox (a smaller version of mama's). Two of the babies took to it right away, the other two decided litter is good for eating. Not great, but hey, progress is often made in baby steps. I spent a week fishing bits of litter out of the mouths of babes with my pinky finger. One still insists on peeing at my front door, a mere 5 feet away from the litter, which tries my patience. Luckily he cries and screams just before he does it, which gives me time to get over there to either stop him or clean up quickly. What a brat! It might be a bit too early for him yet... the babies are only 4 weeks old after all!

- yesterday I introduced the babies to solid food (ie: canned kitten food) and it was hit and miss; one of the orange kittens (the one with short fur) is now known as "The Professor" because he blazes the trail in terms of development; he was the first to use the litter and the first to consistently eat canned food. This boy has it all figured out! (this is your baby, Mrs. Wren!) Don't even ask how it went with trying to introduce milk formula to the kittens..... let's just say it resulted in ALL of us getting milk on us! ha ha ha!! There will be pics in the next post.

- exploration of my home continues as the babies now move around fearlessly in my home and it often results in tripping on kittens who like to try and keep up as I walk around. I must be mindful where I step and remind visitors to do they same.

And that about does it!
Due to high demand I am posting two more videos of the kittens. I am pleased to say that all the babies now have homes.... Mrs. Wren is taking the short hair orange one ("The Professor"), Nelida at the Depot has spoken for one grey one (for yourself? a friend?), otherwise known as "Tiny" and my Aunt and Uncle are taking the other two (Lazlo and Keyser, or Kie for short). How lucky those boys get a home together!

In the videos below you will see the kittens hard at play in my kitchen and even see Blossom getting in on the action! In the second video is mama and the smallest of the boys (Nelida... this is for you/your friend!) having quality time together that will melt your heart; the patience of a mom can only be marvelled at as she tried to give Tiny a bath and he just wants to play!

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  1. Awesome videos! You are obviously doing a fantastic job with these babies and their momma. Blossom seems so little, is she a smaller sized cat?

    They are all absolutely adorable. Is Blossom spoken for yet? She seems like she has a wonderful disposition. I hope she finds a loving home too.

    Good job and wonderful blog!