Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, as you can see the babies are growing at a fantastic rate... so much so that one is starting ever-so-slowly open his eyes! A week after being born they still spend all their time sleeping and eating. Getting around is slow and they are very wobbly on their feet when they try and move.

Mama Blossom spends quite a bit of time away from them, taking a break as they nap. She is getting very demanding with me about eating canned cat food! I have been trying to ration how much canned food I've been feeding her, treating as more of a "supplement" to her staple dried food diet, but she is eating less of the dried food and wants more of the canned. I think she's burning a lot of calories while nursing and wants some wet, meaty food. *shrug* Far be it for me to tell a mama cat what she needs!

Nalida from the Depot called and left a very sweet message about donating some food (always welcome! Blossom is eating me out of house and home!) and has spoken for two of the kittens; I believe she wants one of each colour, but I need to verify. If anyone else is SERIOUSLY interested, please let me know. Please do not offer to take one of you are not ready to take care of a cat and have not spoken to your family about it; everyone will be involved in raising the baby! :-)

And lastly, please don't forget that beautiful Blossom needs a home too! She is the most wonderful girl ever and I really want to find a family that will adore her; so please, pass this blog around and see if anyone would be interested in taking Blossom.

Blossom is awesome!

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