Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blossom wins.

Yesterday morning when I got up to feed Blossom I found that the babies were no longer in the bathroom, as I had left them the night before. "Where are they Blossom?" I tried asking. She was coy and pretended not to know. I glanced at the front hall closet and noticed the sliding door was accidentally left open a bit. Upon opening the door I saw a pile of sleeping kittens underneath a bunch of junk. *sigh*

I grabbed two in each hand and put them back on the blanket in the bathroom and had one of my talks with Blossom about keeping them in the bathroom. This talk seemed familiar. I went into my living room and sat down at my computer. 2 mins later I hear the mewing of a rather upset kitten; I walked out to the front hall to see a baby on the tile floor in front of the closet and mama Blossom perplexed that the closet door was shut. "No Blossom!". I picked the baby back up and put it in the bathroom and headed back to my computer. 2 mins later Blossom walked into the living room with a kitten in her mouth and dropped it at my feet. "Are you kidding me, Blossom? You can't be leaving babies in the living room". I picked it up and put back in the bathroom. 5 mins later she brought another one into the living room.

I gave in. What could I do?? I cleared out the closet, put the damn blanket in and piled the babies on top; now Blossom is a happy clam, and really..... isn't that what it's all about?

I'd like to give a quick shout out to Yvonne at the Depot for donating some canned food to Blossom; seems her highness is not as fond of dry food right now and is strongly preferring canned (which is more expensive). Yvonne was kind enough to help me out by supplying some food, and it is much appreciated. Thank you! Blossom loves it!

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  1. Rebecca they are too sweet and I love reading about this little mom. Thanks so much for doing this. I know Blossom must appreciate it too.