Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The babies are here!!!

After sleeping snuggled up to me last night I noticed that Blossom was restless this morning. She was walking all over my condo and looking for a place to "nest". She cuddled with me a bit on the couch for the morning news, but kept getting up and moving around. And she meowed! this cat never meows! I knew we were getting close...

So I got down on the floor with her and started rubbing her belly and giving her a massage, just as I have been for the last week. This time she rolled right over onto her back and gave me her full belly to rub. I gave it a vigorous rub and then noticed... the contractions were starting.

And so began the negotiations! Blossom wanted to have the babies in my bedroom; I said no. She wanted to have them in the front hall closet; I said no again, and suggested the lovely box I had created for her. She said no. Meanwhile, her water had broken and she was starting to make a mess. Finally I took her into the bathroom and closed the door. I sat on the floor with her and began rubbing her belly again. The contractions got stronger and longer.... she braced hard against my leg and arm and then purring stopped. There was a long pause... she stood up suddenly and HOWLED. Poor thing let out a terrible scream that no doubt my whole building heard, and before I knew it, there was a baby on the floor in front of me.

Eventually I picked up the baby and put it on a blanket to keep warm and she settled in to lick it and clean it up. Baby number 2 came 10 minutes later with much less fanfare. An hour later I went in to check on her and begin rubbing her belly again to help her along.... and she promptly had baby number 3. An hour after that, same thing.... I massaged her aching belly and the contractions came swiftly...and poof! Baby number four. She and I had a pretty good system worked out.

So that seems to be the final count. 4 babies.... two grey/black tabbies and two orange tabbies. I will give it a few days before I sort out the genders, and will let you all know then. They were born alternately.... grey tabby... then orange... then grey.. then orange.

Mom and babies are doing very well and will all be ready for new homes Jan 25th.

Here are the first pics I have..... feel free, as always, to click on them for larger versions!

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