Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blossom gets a foster home!

It all started with a simple store visit last week......
I am a sales rep and I visit this particular Home Depot about every other week or so. But last week while talking to Nikita in the decor department, she mentioned that there was a cat living in the store. And apparently this cat had been the subject of great debate, as she was pregnant with her second litter in the last few months, and people were beginning to object to her living on the premises. Nikita and the store staff wanted to keep Blossom... she was their Depot Cat! I asked to see this poor cat that had been abandoned outside the store months earlier, as I am a cat person with a big heart for hardluck kitty stories.

And there she was, sleeping on top of some boxes, hugely pregnant and not terribly concerned by my presence. Seems she is quite friendly with the staff and customers, walking all over the store, and making friends as she goes. Many of the staff had taken wonderful care of her and given her the name of Blossom. I told Nikita that while I had no doubt in my mind that she was loved and looked after in the store, I also worried for her safety, and the safety of the babies. A warehouse can be a treacherous place for kittens (and I know this from unfortunate experience). I offered that if she needed a home I would certainly offer up my services in helping her find one. Last year my family and I hand raised 9 kittens who had no moms (and yes, 4 of those were warehouse kittens who lost their mom) and that would be a walk in the park comparatively, as these babies come with a mom! No bottle feeding!

Long story short, I came back to the Home Depot a few days later with a cat carrier to bring her home. The staff at the store was understandably worried about her future and whether or not I was fit to take care of her, and so this blog is for you. You have done a great job of looking out for Blossom..... I'm just here to carry that on. I want everyone from the store to be able to come on here and check in to see how she's doing. I will put pictures up as often as I can and let you know when the babies are born. And just so you know, she didn't cry once in the car on the way home and when I opened the carrier door to let her out into her strange new home.... she came out purring. She is an *amazing* cat.

I'd also like to send a shout out to a few people at the Depot...
Julia, you were very sweet to allow the cat to come home with me. I know you took a lot of heat for the decision, but I promise to take good care of her. Yvonne, you were awesome for helping get Blossom ready to come home... packing up her belongings and helping me to the car with her. Nelida, you made sure Blossom had a proper food and water bowl... you'll see them in the pics! To the Seasonal staff... you did an absolutely amazing job of looking out for her and making sure she was safe. And to the entire store, this blog is for you, her Depot family. She couldn't have made it without you!

Here are some pictures from the first couple of days in her new foster home... (click on them to see larger versions, if you like).

Why aren't you petting me??

That's better.....a little more at the back...

Nice... now a little more on top....

That's the spot. :-)

Look at that belly!!! Poor mama!

I love the red tipped tail!!

Dragging her big belly up to the bar for food and drink.

What are YOU lookin' at??

Alright! Enough pictures already!

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  1. I am a cat lover to and what you're doing is awesome. So many cats get abandoned. I have a black kitty named Sheba and she was abandoned in or around a industrial area. She had brothers and sisters that were left as well. My friend catches kittys fixes them and releases them again. If only people could take the time to love adult kitty's as they do their kittens. Good luck, you're a savior.