Tuesday, December 29, 2009

here a kitten! there a kitten! everywhere, a kitten!

Hello everyone! I apologize once again for the infrequent updates but between the holidays and my own health issues (I've had to wear a heart monitor for the last two weeks!) I have had my hands full. And what a developmental time for the babies! Here's what's been going on:

- at 3 weeks old I finally heard a kitten purr.... he was nursing when I overheard his content little motor running. At 4 weeks old I picked one of the kittens up and he purred for ME! It was wonderful.

- I decided at 3 weeks old, that since they were starting to get out of the safety of the closet more and more and exploring my home, it was time to introduce their own litterbox (a smaller version of mama's). Two of the babies took to it right away, the other two decided litter is good for eating. Not great, but hey, progress is often made in baby steps. I spent a week fishing bits of litter out of the mouths of babes with my pinky finger. One still insists on peeing at my front door, a mere 5 feet away from the litter, which tries my patience. Luckily he cries and screams just before he does it, which gives me time to get over there to either stop him or clean up quickly. What a brat! It might be a bit too early for him yet... the babies are only 4 weeks old after all!

- yesterday I introduced the babies to solid food (ie: canned kitten food) and it was hit and miss; one of the orange kittens (the one with short fur) is now known as "The Professor" because he blazes the trail in terms of development; he was the first to use the litter and the first to consistently eat canned food. This boy has it all figured out! (this is your baby, Mrs. Wren!) Don't even ask how it went with trying to introduce milk formula to the kittens..... let's just say it resulted in ALL of us getting milk on us! ha ha ha!! There will be pics in the next post.

- exploration of my home continues as the babies now move around fearlessly in my home and it often results in tripping on kittens who like to try and keep up as I walk around. I must be mindful where I step and remind visitors to do they same.

And that about does it!
Due to high demand I am posting two more videos of the kittens. I am pleased to say that all the babies now have homes.... Mrs. Wren is taking the short hair orange one ("The Professor"), Nelida at the Depot has spoken for one grey one (for yourself? a friend?), otherwise known as "Tiny" and my Aunt and Uncle are taking the other two (Lazlo and Keyser, or Kie for short). How lucky those boys get a home together!

In the videos below you will see the kittens hard at play in my kitchen and even see Blossom getting in on the action! In the second video is mama and the smallest of the boys (Nelida... this is for you/your friend!) having quality time together that will melt your heart; the patience of a mom can only be marvelled at as she tried to give Tiny a bath and he just wants to play!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

coming when called

Hello everyone! I apologize for my lack of recent posts.... I've been sidetracked by some health issues which took me out of the loop for a bit. Hopefully another *adorable* video will win you over...

The kittens have really come to recognize my voice; when I call to them (collectively known as "babies!!") they come running. In fact, when I played this video back on my computer and they heard my voice they came running to the computer! Very very cute.

They are also exploring farther and farther from the comfort of the front hall closet. Mama Blossom calls to them to get them to come out and encourages them to explore. Unfortunately last night I had to go find one who was lost and screaming to be found, but by the time I had gotten to him he had peed, he was so scared. Poor little thing. It's a big world!

Anyway, enjoy the video and I'll upload some more pictures soon.... thanks for your patience!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

first video of the babies!

Well, here you have it.... the babies working up the bravery needed to explore beyond the big pink blanket! It's a scary world beyond the front hall closet, ladies and gentlemen! And these babies seem sure the world ends where the blanket ends. ha ha ha!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

boys will be boys

First of all, let me send out a big thank you to Laureen for meeting up with me at the Home Depot to drop off some supplies for Blossom; your support is greatly appreciated and the food is always welcome. Blossom's appetite has become ravenous as she nurses 4 hungry babies. It was wonderful to finally meet and speak with you. And I'd also like to say thanks to all the staff and girls at the front service desk who have continued to show their support by helping co-ordinate food drops offs (I understand there is more waiting for me on my next visit) and who always ask how Blossom is doing.

So, how is Blossom doing? She is doing quite well indeed.... taking more time for herself, away from the babies. She comes to me in the morning and demands me to get out of bed to spend some time petting her and then feeding her (aka: "I don't want the dry food, I want the CANNED food!"). Blossom has even been playing a little bit with a toy mouse, which has been great to see.

As for the babies..... what characters!!! They have reached a wonderful age in which they are now starting to play and wrestle with each other... and me! When Blossom is off busy eating her canned food I crawl into the closet and call to the babies. "Babies! how are the babies??". They all wake up when they hear my voice, start mewing and then..... they make their way towards me! It melts my heart to see them on their wobbly little legs trying to make their way towards me for a petting. SO. CUTE. I took some pics to show you just how cute!

Didn't I promise you it was about the cutest thing you'll ever see? The wrestling is also pretty adorable to witness... here are some wrestling pics:

Ow!! watch the eyes!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

growing like weeds!

I was awoken yesterday by the sound of Blossom doing her "chirping" meow that is usually reserved for her babies... but for some reason she was making this sound in my room. I sat up, all blurry-eyed and squinted to see in the dark; what was she up to this time? Finally able to focus I noticed a lump of a kitten on my bedroom floor in front of closet. "Blossom! We talked about this!!" I said, as I got up.... just in time to watch her disappear into my bedroom closet with the baby in her mouth.

I'm not entirely sure why she thinks the closet is a good place because there's not a whole lot of room in there; indeed, there is a dresser taking up the majority of the closet, making it impossible for her to lay down with the babies if she were to get them all in there.

Anyway, I once again picked up the baby and walked it to the front hall closet and put it back with his brothers and reminded Blossom that this was the deal from the last time we played the "let's move the kittens all around the house" game. She has left them there for now, though I'm sure if I forget to close the closet door again, this may not remain the case.

The babies are growing at a *shocking* rate, with the two orange ones really packing on the weight the most. They all have their eyes open, except for one grey tabby who still has one eye closed so it looks like he's winking all the time. They like to test their wobbly legs by moving around quite a bit, but as yet, do not wander far. I know I'm going to miss these days once they start tearing up my home. A couple of them have even played with me as I tickled their bellies and they rolled onto their backs, grabbing my fingers and trying to bite them (see the pic of the grey tabby on his back below, from when we were playing). It. Is. ADORABLE!!

Blossom may very well eat me out of house and home as she continues to demand canned food and will only eat the dry food if she really has to; I shudder to think of how much canned food we'll go through when the babies are eating solid food.

Enjoy the pics..... and as always, feel free to click on the thumbnails for a larger more detailed pic.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, as you can see the babies are growing at a fantastic rate... so much so that one is starting ever-so-slowly open his eyes! A week after being born they still spend all their time sleeping and eating. Getting around is slow and they are very wobbly on their feet when they try and move.

Mama Blossom spends quite a bit of time away from them, taking a break as they nap. She is getting very demanding with me about eating canned cat food! I have been trying to ration how much canned food I've been feeding her, treating as more of a "supplement" to her staple dried food diet, but she is eating less of the dried food and wants more of the canned. I think she's burning a lot of calories while nursing and wants some wet, meaty food. *shrug* Far be it for me to tell a mama cat what she needs!

Nalida from the Depot called and left a very sweet message about donating some food (always welcome! Blossom is eating me out of house and home!) and has spoken for two of the kittens; I believe she wants one of each colour, but I need to verify. If anyone else is SERIOUSLY interested, please let me know. Please do not offer to take one of you are not ready to take care of a cat and have not spoken to your family about it; everyone will be involved in raising the baby! :-)

And lastly, please don't forget that beautiful Blossom needs a home too! She is the most wonderful girl ever and I really want to find a family that will adore her; so please, pass this blog around and see if anyone would be interested in taking Blossom.

Blossom is awesome!