Sunday, December 6, 2009

growing like weeds!

I was awoken yesterday by the sound of Blossom doing her "chirping" meow that is usually reserved for her babies... but for some reason she was making this sound in my room. I sat up, all blurry-eyed and squinted to see in the dark; what was she up to this time? Finally able to focus I noticed a lump of a kitten on my bedroom floor in front of closet. "Blossom! We talked about this!!" I said, as I got up.... just in time to watch her disappear into my bedroom closet with the baby in her mouth.

I'm not entirely sure why she thinks the closet is a good place because there's not a whole lot of room in there; indeed, there is a dresser taking up the majority of the closet, making it impossible for her to lay down with the babies if she were to get them all in there.

Anyway, I once again picked up the baby and walked it to the front hall closet and put it back with his brothers and reminded Blossom that this was the deal from the last time we played the "let's move the kittens all around the house" game. She has left them there for now, though I'm sure if I forget to close the closet door again, this may not remain the case.

The babies are growing at a *shocking* rate, with the two orange ones really packing on the weight the most. They all have their eyes open, except for one grey tabby who still has one eye closed so it looks like he's winking all the time. They like to test their wobbly legs by moving around quite a bit, but as yet, do not wander far. I know I'm going to miss these days once they start tearing up my home. A couple of them have even played with me as I tickled their bellies and they rolled onto their backs, grabbing my fingers and trying to bite them (see the pic of the grey tabby on his back below, from when we were playing). It. Is. ADORABLE!!

Blossom may very well eat me out of house and home as she continues to demand canned food and will only eat the dry food if she really has to; I shudder to think of how much canned food we'll go through when the babies are eating solid food.

Enjoy the pics..... and as always, feel free to click on the thumbnails for a larger more detailed pic.

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